Sep 11, 2017

Here's a sharing which may or may not be relevant for all. This is regarding to damage baggage. In some countries, travel insurance maybnot be available and too expensive. It will be worth it if you potentially have some medical issues, very expensive bags/items in your travels or u have multiple connecting flight you can't miss.
If you do not have insurance you can still reduce your loss. I had 2 incidents at the same time and I couldn't purchase travel insurance.  One was the flight delay up to 8 hours and another is a damaged luggage.
When u have a delayed flight, immediately report to customer service online and provide your flight details on the delay. It happened to me twice and both occasions i got $200 flight voucher to use under the same airline. Of course, it would be unfortunate if you can't use the voucher when you happen to live in a different country.

And as for the damaged luggage, always have some room to fill up on the other bag or you will have to carry your stuff home like a beggar in a trash bag. 

In some airports like Korea, they will always have a luggage replacement for you and most of the time, it will fit the same size and style that you used. Of course, always check your luggage first before you leave the airport to make a complaint. 

I had to have the bag registered and sent it off to Rynn's through American Airlines customer service. After more than a week, they called me up and told me that it was irrepairable. They shipped the bag to me and voila!
A brand new bag. It was not as colorful and searchable as my old bad but the quality was far greater. It was definitely worth the time to try to report your dissatisfaction than dwell on your misfortunes. 

Jun 20, 2017

Transfer to Chandler Office

Today, it's my official day in Chandler and realised it was a baaad time to forget where I parked my car. I was struggling to breath in the hot air and piercing sun.
I was extremely tempted to bike to work but just a few minutes of walking out at the carpark, I changed my mind. It's not a good time to save gas or making it as my daily exercise.
Ever since I got transferred to Tempe, it never reached to 115degF. It's funny to imagine people would pay to get into the sauna. I can be in one all day for free! And it's not by choice.
The new office was not as great as the previous. There's lack of privacy where the cube heights were shortened and size is much smaller. I guess, we don't really need that much space to work. It indeed create the term pigeon hole in a whole new level. The lights were too bright as well that some of the colleagues are suffering from headaches. I was fine with it since I grew up with bright lights at home.
Tomorrow and the next few days, the heat will be around 120degF. Only thing I could say is to enjoy the blithering heat. :p

First Movie Away from Home

If weren't for my brother who highly recommended the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, I probably stayed at home and watch my laptop all day.

Glen and I would go out together for a movie which considered really good. It was fun as we can discuss on the content of the movie. I guess I have to find more things to do to occupy time during the summer. Before the heat actually came in, there's always something to do outside because of the cool breeze but now it's terrifyingly hot(which is not at its peak yet!).

Buying a movie ticket is pretty much the same as in Malaysia but I noticed that the lady at the desk didn't ask which seat I'd prefer to be in. Even looking at the ticket stub, I noticed it only mentioned the theater room number only. We had to line up in front of the door till we were allowed to enter.

I didn't want to be rude upon taking the best seat so I observed a few min on where people are actually sitting. None were looking at the ticket stub and they casually choose the seats that had rails in front of them. Obviously it was a place to rest their feet on. Seems to be a habit that people tend to put their feet on tables or a stool even at the office. Honestly I kinda enjoy the same thing but guess it was really awkward to do so.

So, the rule of watching a movie is to come early and be in the line as early as possible so you can get the best seat. Else, you'll probably end up sitting right in front with your neck bent in an awkward manner. Not mentioning the extremely big screen to look at which you may end up moving your head throughout the show.

It was quite an experience and the movie was good. I had a hard time resisting myself from crying in front of the cartoon. Luckily a mother next to me was crying too and her kid asking her why was she so sad. Lol... It's even more embarrassing as the kid looked at me and asked her mum why I was sad too.

Jun 13, 2014

The Wet Chalks

It was first written on Sept 24th, 2011....and found it loaded into Google Drive through my smartphone. Can't believe I had that much time to write it out...

I remembered there was one teacher during my high school told the class of a ghost story of a reason we we never had night classes in school. It was then that teachers were passionate in teaching towards the students that they offered their time in any time of the day during the weekday to cover up some of the syllables or to help some of the weaker students to catch up.
It was also during that time, our teachers themselves whom I really called as teachers often encouraged us to come for extra classes or support the weaker students to share and support. One day we asked whether it's possible to have extra classes during the night when the public exam may be coming in soon. Our English teacher said they used to have that but stopped some years back because of an incident.

The incident was not because of the safety during those night classes (during my time, safety wasn't really an issue... Everyone knows everyone in town) but they found out that there were spirits which roams around the school.

A boy who was a class monitor and also an active scout was one of the popular students in school. Before the class begins, he would clean up the cupboard and prepare chalks for the teachers to use. Many would say he probably have a bright future ahead.

Unfortunately, during one of the scout activities he drowned in a river. I couldn't remember the contents why and how he got drowned. The Tuaran river can be quite unpredictable as a few people claimed 'something' will suddenly pull down a swimmer deep into it. Personally, fear and panic would be the main cause that a person drowned. The routine in school remained a week after where night classes were on. Before the class started, the blackboard remained clean with chalks properly arranged for the teacher. The only problem was that it was wet. None of the students admit that they did it. It went on for a week and the same thing happened that everything were ready except for the wet chalks.

The teacher decided to call off the class as they themselves had chills in their spines during the whole session. They suspected that their dead friend didn't know that he was dead and followed the usual routine of cleaning the blackboard and preparing the chalks in class.
The story ended with a long silence. Was it real or fake? No one knows. But it certainly scared me when I think about it especially if I were alone in that school again.

Courtesy of my English teacher who shared with us in class... Mr Lim Mah Ban

Jun 11, 2014

Insurance Verification

I received a letter yesterday stating that my car insurance number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It stated I had 15 days to provide sufficient proof else my car registration will be suspended.
As of today, it's the 16th day and I was already in panic mode. I had to drive to the nearest MVD to provide sufficient proof to them. Luckily, the VIN was correct and I insisted to have a Level 1 check to ensure that the details are correct in case i have to renew my insurance or selling the car.
The process was relatively easy as I only need to fax the new insurance number along with the VIN to MVD. The only annoying thing was the summer heat along with the long line of people waiting. The lady that provides the line number was kind and friendly which somehow subdue the stress and frustrations I had while waiting.
I would probably check again online everyday for a week just in case that it didn't get through.

What a day!

Mar 17, 2014

Spring Hike at Lost Dog Wash

A colleague recommended me to hike around Lost Dog Wash to see the dessert flowers. It was an extremely easy hike but not to be taken lightly because of the dry environment and no source of water. Keep in mind to bring enough liquid during the hike.

It was quite an amazing feeling to observe how fast those flowers popped out and grew. There is still beauty even in such harsh conditions and it taught me on appreciating my life which I always thought to be harsh at my own personal level. There are so many things back home taken for granted and I never really appreciate it until I come here. 

Soil and water would be the first thing I think about since it's VERY hard to plant anything here. I tried to plant a rosemary plant 3 times. And 3 times it died. The first was the extreme sunlight. Second was soil and lastly the soil. To watch these dessert flowers strive with such limitations amazed me even more. I will walk again around the dessert to enjoy the smell and view once summer ends.

Feb 8, 2014


As I sat down on the floor while waiting for the gate to open and read the contents of the last few messages in sms and whatsapp. I cried a little as I read through some messages from my family and a few close friends. I didn't really care whether anyone was watching or felt embarrassed of being a cry baby.
Most likely because of a huge gap of seeing my dad and bro so often during the last few weeks gave the pangs of loneliness as I walked into the departure hall. I cried again in the plane as the light went out and saw the last message from a close friend as he said that this not suppose to be a sad moment but always think of a good future ahead. It was good that the lights were switched off as no one would noticed that tears flowing uncontrollably. 
I took only a few things with me and only had a book titled The Road Less Traveled  to read during the whole flight. It gave me another different perspective as I read it again after several years. A good friend recommended the book to me and it made me notice more of my own character and behavior. I owe a lot to this friend for supporting me spiritually and emotionally since my uni.
Now, with this new journey it's another new ballgame to enter. I was not comfortable with the big change but the heart seems to urge me to go for it. I was scared. I prayed a little and slept.

The big leap

Apr 7, 2013

Hiking In Gasing Hill

Gasing Hill has always been my favourite place to release stress and to be one with nature. On every trip, there will always be something to see, to experience dad to smell. This day I Saw there were plenty of mushrooms of different shapes and colours growing on the dead trees to assist decomposition. A part of the cycle of life.

I manage to stop and observe one of the mushrooms releasing its spores down to the ground and with some assistance of a small gust of wind. It was indeed a beautiful and interesting sight.

With a camera phone, couldn't catch the spores falling out of those mushrooms. A little frustrated at first, but I am thankful to witness how nature revolves around us. Many times, I don't even notice those little things and rather to pay attention what is really called out for me in verbal.

Time to make a short stop and jot down the nice feeling. :) A good way of ending my week.

Feb 5, 2013

Life is getting better...

The last time I blogged was almost a year ago, I ended it with my trip in Vietnam.
The pace went through too fast before I manage to load valuable notes and pictures into this blog. Photographs remained stagnant in my external hardisk and memories started to dwindle. It's time to make extra effort to put things in writing and avoid procrastinating. >.<

So what's been happening in the last year? A lot... It was challenging but a fruitful one too. There were times of frustrations but also some joy along the way.

Yesterday, I had a stroll in Namsan Hill, Seoul and reflected on the journeys I experienced. I was amazed on how the scene changed at the same place where I visited on every season. My view of the world has changed. I too have changed... definitely for the better. :)

May 4, 2012

Vietnam - Day 8

The last day.. Not much to take but enjoying our breakfast on top of the roof.