May 14, 2004

If you are little bit creative in your life around you, you may realise how interesting things can be and how your life can be interesting as well. Of course we as mere people, always look on the negative side in life but frankly speaking, there is no point to make your life even more frustrating. If there is no way out, use the way as your source of strength. Going through phase will somehow later makes you wiser. Don't you think? I used to look things negative around me but it is the determination to change which helped me. Along with my close friends and families. There will always be someone to suport you. I remembered my brother's lecturer told him, "there may be 500 people who will disagree with your ideas, but there will also be 50 people who will support you. Concentrate on your dreams and take these 50 people as your source of strength." Well, most importantly, believe in yourself. If you can make life more interesting, you can. And you will. Posted by Hello