Aug 20, 2004

Ridicule with a tinge of success

How ridiculous as it may seem, I have to repost the template because I have altered 'profesionally'. My exams are coming up and I don't feel the urge of studying. Well, it is hard to study first year's syllables since I am already in my fourth year(meaning to say I've done all the four year subjects!). Yes, I know it is kinda stupid but that's how the system works in the university in order to get a degree. I think it should be questioned on the purpose of studying the first year's syllables eventhough you've finished most of it till the end.

With all the electrical theories in my head, I have to reset my mind to Material Science, Islamic Civilization, Graphics for Engineering and Statistic subjects. I doubt whether the private companies would want to see my final results in those final subjects. Gosh, the first thing that they might think of is that I failed all my first years. Anyway, it seems amusing for me to imagine on seeing their faces when I go for the interview in future.

Honestly, I was devastated to the fact that I have to continue my first year's first semester's subject in this final semester. Most of all, I would question myself whether such things has a purpose of its own. Somehow, at least I have some time to reflect on myself when I look back on what I studied and observe what it is now with the first year juniors. I began to realise that yes, most of us have our dreams to pass with flying colours but then, as I observe my fellow friends who are now in the working world, successful or not, it still looks the same except for the paycheck. I too will have to face this working world in another two months but at least I shouldn't worry that because of being late in finishing my course it doesn't mean I'm a total failure. I am finishing without extension and for a person who really jumped into the sea I am glad on what I have achieved in my course because I did the best I could.

What is important is that I have done my best and not trying to compare with others. I'm not following what William Hung have said of course. Hehe...
If I couldn't reach the stars for now but at least I have touched the sky already. :)

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