Sep 11, 2004


Today, I read the newspaper about the bombing at the Australian Embassy in Indonesia. I felt really sick and sorry looking at a picture of a child who was carried by a man. Most part of her buttocks was torn of because of the bombing and I think that most probably that she'll die of blood loss and the toxicity from the outside flowed to her brain. The poor girl!

I just felt so sad what is really happening to the world. I do know that being a mere person among millions of people in Malaysia, I just couldn't do anything about it. It is not being heroic or just to gain name. It is about being human. I don't understand what is happening to the people who do not have the basic instinct of being compassion towards others. Is it what religion suppose to teach us? Seeing the things happening around the world, fanatics uses violence for the sake of religion. As if it is the only way to solve everything. So, is religion is the root of all evil? No! It is the lost people who do not understand their own faith! If we ourselves continue to be ignorant of our own faith, I think we ourselves may lead as those who kills the innocent ones not only physically but also mentally.

What we have learnt in our religious life suppose to teach us to be good not to promote evil. Reflect our every little act whether it actually promotes evil or not? Did I judge the person without investigating? Did I actually hurt a person eventhough it was actually my fault? Did I forgive the person who did the wrong things eventhough I know he didn't mean it? Reflect yourself! Who are you to judge others when you are not able to judge fairly upon yourself? Reflect! Posted by Hello

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