Sep 12, 2004

What is Your Leadership?

Today, I 'steal' some time to take a visit to CSSUKM's Annual Camp since it is one of the happiest moments where I can meet up with new friends and catch up some old stories with my old friends too. Unfortunately, I'm not able to join the camp was because there was a meeting for the Inter Campus Eucharistic Celebration which will come up very soon in the month of November. Unfortuntely, nobody came except for me, the director and the full timer were present. We waited for hours hoping that someone from other campuses would turn up. It is sad that there are leaders who are inconsiderate by not telling the director that their members will not be able to turn up for the meeting. Should I blame the leaders for not telling us so that we don't have to waste our time waiting? Should I blame the director for not asking the leaders again and again until they respond? Or should I blame the members who do not inform their leaders for not confirming? It is a cycle where both parties need to play their part. It is tiring to point fingers whose fault was it and it was even more frustrating that nobody want to put their heads together to solve the problem. This is the product of today's education not only on in schools but also in universities. We do not have the leadership to lead a proper life.

Most people misunderstood the true meaning of leadership. It is not about leading a group of people but leading a life of your own. For some time, I heard more and more of our Christian friends gets converted or get involved in negative things like cohabitation, free sex, alcohol and so on. At the begining we never take the effort to get to know them and make friends with them since they 'look' okay and we have our own 'clicks' to mix around. But when things get out of hand for them, then we started to talk to them to go back to the right path we get lashed back. For me, I think they deserve to be lashed back. One real story happened when a girl got so involved with a guy and stayed with him(although they are not married)... as another friend trying to tell the girl that it is wrong, she answered back,"When I need a friend, where were you? You were with your own friends. When I am sad and needed somebody to talk to you, you were out with your friends with some social activities as if I didn't exist. My boyfriend was there when I needed him. My boyfriend gave everything when I think I'm a nobody. Who are you to tell me that it is wrong since you didn't know much about me?" With remarks like that, it gave a hit that, we ourselves cannot lead our life to help a friend and on the girl's side, she too cannot lead a proper life of her own. Leading is like a cycle where it involves everybody. It is a waste of time regreting for the person and yourself because from the beginning, you have chose to follow the way the society wants you to do.

Anyway, the conclusion is that, what the leaders did were irresponsible for being insensitive by not informing the director beforehand. If they informed ealier, I wouldn't have deprived from going to CSSUKM's Annual Camp, the director wouldn't waste his money, energy and time to go all the way to KL. If they are responsive to bring the members to join, the meeting would have been succesfull and we don't have to set up another date for a new meeting. Things would have been easier if everyone play their part as effective leaders or at least a responsible individual. How do you feel when you are waiting at the bus station, dressed so nice to watch a movie or a play but after 1 hour, your friend called you just to say they can't make it? It happened to me plenty of times. I was frustrated and I have no other words to describe. It was my stupidity to be forgiving and giving a lot of second chance to the person. He/She is not special or any way but that is how I treat everyone. Frankly, if that's the way you treat a friend or another leader who counts on you, then think about it. I cannot think for you because it is not for me to lead the individual it is YOU who decide.

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