Oct 1, 2004

There are times when I just feel that nobody is there for me when I'm desperately in need of a friend. Someone whom I can talk to, someone I can just hug and need a shoulder to cry on. A someone whom I can share my thoughts with.... Definitely, it is not easy to have such a person who is perfect enough to be your friend where you can do it so freely. But then, there'll be a question when you asked yourself whether God is really there to provide you all the needs of support that you need to keep yourself as sane as possible. Did he actually provide me for it since I have heard from priests, bibles and people that God provides.How true can it be? In my own real experience, God had really provided all the things that I need although it is not so direct as putting his hand on my shoulder to give me comfort. But by giving me a few good friends whom I can be close with. Friends who gave so much meaning to my life and made me understand that I too have to be a friend too so that their needs can be fulfilled just like mine. Something like a form of simbiosis. I just love how things falls back in place. :) Another best way to feel the presence of God and to feel his tenderness towards you is to be alone and at peace. Try to do that and make a really personal conversation with him. Frankly, it is quite awkward to talk to yourself silently but after we have that 'conversation' with God, try to be silent and wait. You'll be surprise on how he answered to you. It is not by the sounds of words that we usually understand but the little 'voice' that I might call as concience will actually talked to you. I guess, that is how you can start by having a good friend like God who can give you peace and comfort in you. In such a long duration of time, you'll realise how much you have fallen in love with God once you have experienced in getting closer to Him. That is how I am feeling now and I am so happy to be in love with someone whom I have grown to know Him day by day. Posted by Hello

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