Jan 12, 2005

My First and My Worst Interview

Today is one of my first and worst job interview of my life.

Hahah! It took me quite sometime to regain back my sense of ego that I'm not that good in arts although I'm taking Electrical & Electronics Engineering course(and I'm always thought I'm so good in everything heheh!). Well, I guess I'm not the type that they want.

One thing that surprise me is that my brother should get the job since he's so creative in arts but was not called for the job. He himself followed me for the job interview on the same day and it really sucks that the interviewer didn't really pay much attention to both of us. I felt like a dufus being the first being tested on CorelDraw. They asked me to make a logo with it. I asked, what sort of logo? Then they said anything...Oh ok..So, i' drew some circles and elipses(looks kinda abstract haha!)writing down beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In less then 10 minutes, they said its enough. Wow, that's fast.

As for the rest of them, they were given longer time with a reasonable theme to draw. I felt such an idiot! My brother was asked to draw a logo for a family day on a T-shirt. Well, he ended up copying a Petronas logo into the shirt from the document file. But then, he was given the opportunity to show of his works. The interviewer was impressed but when she called her other friend, the other lady who so called the graphic designer as well looked at it but kinda sneered at it. She didn't even look the rest of my brother's work!

I admit, eventhough if some people's work are not as creative or good, at least show some respect on the interviewee. If you don't like it, just give some comments or at least just call it off politely. Rather than sneer at it. It was typically rude and I felt that the interviewer was not even interested to interview. Maybe the lady scared that the new employee to be might steal her rice bowl.

One of the tip that I can say regarding my first interview...being the first one coming for the interview is great because you don't have to spend time being nervous but it'll be a great risk as well that you might be the first to be kicked out to be tested out as a guinea pig. This advice can only be used when you're going to work in a small company. ;)

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