Jan 3, 2005

New Year has passed and it's hard to believe that 2004 had just ended. After 4-5 years out from home a traumatic drama of tsunami happen to come into Asia. Of course, I'm not really in a mood to go back to Penampang for a grand party when I realise that there are people suffering because of the tsunami incident. So, I ended up at home have a quiet dinner with the family. Well, obviously nobody was happy with celebrating at home in T(you can see that from my bro's blogger hehe). I just don't feel good of celebrating the new year but it is unfair as well to deprive my mum and bro to enjoy their New Year. I believe, there is always a next year to celebrate or another celebration to participate back in Penampang. Still for the first time, in a few years I was able to be with my family in the house safe and sound. Although it may be pathetic it may seem... it feels kinda nice to see everyone safe in the house sleeping and wasting time together. Heheh... This is a picture I took when i was with the Bosi family in Kundasang.That time we just finished bathing at the Poring hot springs,Ranau. Yeah, I gain weight! Ugh! Posted by Hello

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