Jan 3, 2005

To help or not to help?

Well, I'm quite up-to-date about the tsunami tragedy on the local level only. Frankly speaking, I'm quite sick of hearing the advertisement of asking for donations every 9 minutes on tv and the time of promoting in helping the tsunami victims is 4 minutes(ok, i was curious on the timing since they advertise it so so often). From donation through cheques to sms... you name it. For me, it kinda spoils the mood of offering help. Don't you think?
Seeing the people suffered from the tsunami, it'll be nice to offer them help to clean up the area to decrease their devastation in seeing their homes so badly damage. Rather than the US soldiers wasting time with war in Iraq, might as well they offer help in Asia. Same goes to the military in Malaysia itself since they have the energy to do it. I don't know on that particular scope, so maybe they are doing it. If the campus students who happen to have their holidays, it'll be an opportunity to go there and offer help. This is a good suggestion for the lecturers or students who are teaching Khidmat Masyarakat in UKM if they have the heads for it rather than making a one day seminar for the military families. When I join this sort of thing in Khidmat Masyarakat, it's kinda stupid and waste a lot of my time sleeping since most of the time was spent on the Friday prayers. If one want to utilize the time to give service to the society, do it when everyone is free like Sunday or Saturday?
A moment ago, I heard from the news that the clothes which were donated were thrown away and the victims prefers money in order to help them. Goodness... or I would say come on lah... Rather than throwing away those clothes, I think victims from other countries like Sri Lanka, India, Thailand or Indonesia need it more than the victims here. Don't waste the things which are offered. The people who manage it should have that idea in hand.
I wish the newscasters would show more on the international side as well. I can only see a few seconds of it in the news. The local one, I cannot determine which one is the most updated because they play the same film again and again everyday. I don't know know what are they trying to do. I don't call it as news anymore.
To help? Of course, but with the right method for goodness sake.

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