Feb 28, 2005

"Don't play with the food! You'll get stomach ache when you eat it!" That's the thing most mums would say when you start doing strange things to your food. When we, the family went to cameron highlands, we bought quite a lot of strawberries to bring back to the hotel and eat them. Then, my mum suggested to take pictures of the strawberries since we seldom see any of then back in our hometown. A simple task of taking pictures turned infectious to the rest of the Bosiwang family member where my dad, my brother and I compete each other to take the best picture over a bunch of strawberries. Heh, finally I took my best picture of these fruits. Too bad the resolution that my dad set on the digital camera was low. I was disappointed that it was not high enough for me to develop it and hang it on the wall. Well, after all the commotion of picture competition, we just finish of the fruits. And what do you know... no stomach ache! :-D

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