Feb 24, 2005

The heat calls out the wild

Hehe... Looks like today my brother had a fright of his life that he almost step on a big snake. I don't know much of the description of the snake and all that I know from both my mum and brother was that the snake was black and big. At that time there area was pretty dark so, it's quite hard to see the snake. Here's a picture how the snake was found. During these few months, there are some people go into the big drain to search for something. Probably there are looking for the big snake for dinner. At all the time, when they were not out hunting, the snake was out. I think it'll be the last day my brother going to go for his morning walk and the snake is becoming his new phobia beside dogs.
It's because of the terrible heat in the hometown that all the wild reptiles are coming out. I myself prefer remain inside the house and bath cold water to cool myself down. Even sitting down under the fan is making me sweat. Ugh! I hope the rain would come down soon! Or I'll force someone to make the rain dance. This is the picture where my brother almost step the snake. It's somewhere in a broken pavement in front of the police station. Actually he can draw a better picture and you can check it in his blog in www.glenbosiwang.blogspot.com.

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