Feb 28, 2005

Looking from a different view

When I looked at this picture, it reminded me when me and my excos joined the exco planning camp in SFA. We had a crazy idea of standing on our chairs to force out some ideas to get the theme of our CSS. We got the idea from the movie, "Dead Poets Society" on the night before when we tried to get aquinted with among each other. I really think that the movie was good and it took us to see another point of view. Rather than seeing things in what we and others often view, try to see it at another point. When you look from above from above a table or a chair, everything looks so different and exciting as well. Of course, fear is there as well(if you're afraid of heights heheh) but it's really worth the risk of trying something different what others never tried to think of. Just like the tortoise in a different height, I think it got most of the sunlight without fighting with the rest of them. Well, worth the effort! Try things in a different dimension and see how it happens to you!

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Anonymous said...

Yick! (Look at the tortoise! So yucky!)