Apr 12, 2005

This is one of the coolest picture during my stay in Sabah. This picture was taken when I followed my mum to Masilou for her to take some samples of sweet peas. While taking pictures of the sweet peas and the achitecture of the glass house(i would rather call it as the net house), I was interested with other things to take picture. Hehe! Yup, this is a spider on a spider web only you cannot see the web... The water apparently got condensed at the web and stick on the web instead. The web is definitely strong when you see how much water it could carry.  Posted by Hello

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Pene Dulce said...

My last house had a lot of spiders in and outside of it. It was on a hill and then had a night light on the east side. Every year spiders would line up and down the whole wall. I saw big Black Widows, big Brown Recluse, and a bunch of hunting spiders. I tried to take photos but they all came out blurry. Thanks for sharing.