Jul 24, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

I finally finished with my 3 months of teaching in Penampang(quite far away from home). At the beginning, it was really tough to catch up with the work especially with making the daily report. It would take me about half an hour finish a whole days reports depending on how many classes I've done for the day.

Well, the only thing I manage to do was to see my old friend(who's also my super duper senior of UKM and mentor) got married recently in Papar. It had always been an issue of when he was going to get married and heheeh FINALLY!

If he's reading this blog, a big THANKS for the invitation. Of course on CSSUKM's behalf as well.

Another thing that I've been doing is making a new website for a friend. Of course, it doesn't really look so professional like most people has been doing. Sigh! Well, what is important is that to try your very best. Always save some space for improvement. During my week of joblessness after teaching, its good for me to fill up some of my time doing something usefull as well as to practise back my html and to improve my usage of Frontpage(trust me my last Frontpage really sucks!)

Yes, there are people who are better in making some things that you really love but you have the power of doing it yourself and modifying it in your own taste and way. Like what my brother had advised me a long long time ago... "If you like it, good...If you don't like it, FORGET IT!" So, whenever I get nervous with my speech or worried on things unnecessarily... take this bold word above a good advise.

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chris anakapai said...

Hey, that's *gasp* Eugene and Sheila. hehehe... so long lost contact with them. send my warmest regards and congratulations to both of them. Got more pics???