Jul 29, 2005

I love ladybugs

I always love lady bugs.... When I was in my primary school I used to catch a few and rear them in the house.

Now I saw it again at my backyard on the papaya tree and I suddenly remembered all my thrills when I was a child taking care of the ladybug. I always thought that my life was such a misery for not being able to go out with friends just to hang out and have fun.

Come to think of it, all was not bad at all. Event's I had limited time and space to be with my friends, I had my own childhood fun at my backyard and inside the house. Pondering and playing with nature.... A gift in which I can say God's gift.

Yes, my fascination with nature is still here with me. And with thorough understanding compare to my childhood, I'm beginning to appreciate my own backyard. I realised I took my backyard for granted when my dad started renovating the house. A backyard filled with grass and trees turned to mud and stones. It was an eyesore! Fortunately, now it is green again! Bugs and bees are back, and of course my all time favourite bug.. Ladybugs!

This ladybug is the first one I found and I never seen this type of species. I always seen the ones with the bigger spots. Anyway, I'm just so happy to find one!

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