Jul 27, 2005

An interesting interview

Today my ultimate nervousness has ended! As I had confirmed my time to have a telephone interview at 10am, I could feel the pressure went up to my head... By the end of the interview, my head just spinned till late in the evening. I guess, that's how i react on things for the very first time. Headache! The worst headache I had was when I was having my driving test...hehe it was really funny when I ended in bed for 3 days with migrain.

Well, I really don't know what the result will be since i sense it was quite bad. One thing i got blanked on finding the disadvantages of transportation and I laughed at the phone just to kick off my nervousness. Yes, there's such thing as books on telephone interviews and how you can actually handled them. I was given some tips as well when I confirmed the date of the interview. I don't know whether its ok for me to spread out the guidelines given by the company that sent it to me... I think i can give a few good points for it. Trust me, it's better to read in point form hehe..

The company I applied in was in Shell...
There were three important qualities that they really want to find in a person. There are:-
1. Achievement
(the drive and enthusiasm to set themselves and others challenging unambiguous targets; the mental and physical resilience to deliver; and the courage and self confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems and to go against the crowd when necessary);
2. Relationships
(genuine respect and concern for people, valuing everyone regardless of culture or status; demonstrating honesty and integrity in all their actions; creating trust by open and direct communications; persuading others by the inspiration, sensitivity and clarity of their argument; arranging clear means of communication and decision making);
3. Capacity
(the ability to analyse data quickly and learn fast, basing judgements on fact not sentiment; analysing outside existing boundaries to identify implications and learn from others; the creativity to propose innovative solutions and manage uncertainty within complex environments to produce workable solutions).

Seriously, I do look up to the qualities of a person. You can really learn a lot from him/her. It's hard to 'show' that quality through a phone though...hehe... I realised it all depends on how to speak out on your answers and answering the questions concerning the activities you had participated. The rest of the guidelines were quite simple...Almost like in a real interview only you have to visualise that the person is in front of you. Dress well if you have to. Some think that it helps a lot. Lastly, stay away from distractions! Don't be shy to make another appointment if the line was not clear.

Just to make the blog look colourful...hehe...Here's one of my favourite picture I took some time ago.

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