Jul 28, 2005

My very own compost and "Labu"

My compost finally works! It was just a simple flower pot filled with mud and sand. There was no worms or insects living in it. Even weeds couldn't survive inside the pathetic pot.

It took me 4 months to turn useless soil into a soil infested with insects and worms. All I did was throwing some rubbish(vegetation, meat or eggs) into the pot. Of course, i cannot add it up almost every day.. Once in every few days if i'm able to remember. Then when you have put the rubbish into the pot, make sure that you mix the contents well(It sounds like I'm making some pig feed haha).

Then without knowing, I found a few young worms squirming when i break the soil to mix everything in. Even if you cannot see the worms, you can at least see its feaces on top of the compost. Well I suppose to take picture of my 'creation' but not today... My brother was disgusted on what I was doing.

Anyway, my family was lucky to have a new plant growing at our backyard. Some bird made its business there and waddaya know! Labu! Good thing my parents are experts in agriculture...if not, i would have cut the plant earlier for not fruiting.

Well, i just found out the plant can produce both female and male flowers depending on how fertile the land can be. The plant will always produce male flowers but the female ones will come out when there's enough sunlight and fertile soil. Here are the difference between male and female....

This the first female flower that just come out. Hopefully it'll bear fruit.

This is the male... You can see a vast difference between a male and female...

Hmm... reminds me of my science class haha...

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