Aug 1, 2005

Good news and Bad news of the day

Today I received an email from one company I interviewed with not long ago saying I was unsuccessful. Personnally, I was quite frustrated but it is also suppose to be expected since it is a male dominated company. No matter how good the girl is, they won't take you in unless you applied to be a clerk or be in the human resource management. I am familiar with the company but I just applied the interview just for fun. The best thing was that I was shortlisted among the top 5 people to be interviewed.

It's not so easy to find a job back in my hometown..Sigh! One thing about the area here they want to find people who have at least 2-3 years of experience and at least a male. What makes things worst, I'm fighting with thousands of fresh graduates as well who have just finished but even graduates who have graduated 2 years ago still haven't found a job yet. Frustrating... Somehow, you have no time to show off everything of what you got.

Survival of the fittest! Even the plant have to jot out of the pot to survive hehe.

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