Aug 25, 2005

Interview Time!

This confirmation interview I can say is the fastest response I've ever experienced. I applied through Jobstreet on the 23rd august(during night time) and got their response the next morning. Wow... Well, today is the day of my first interview in KL!
Frankly speaking I have no idea what the company is all about since they don't have a website for it(I think it's a small one) but their training and fiedwork(according to stages) seems interesting which i definitely think its worth trying. Well, hopefully God knows that I would get the RIGHT job somewhere soon. I really had gone bonkers for the past few months for being jobless!
Fingers crossed and off I go!

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Tine said...

Hey, all the best in your interview. *fingers crossed*

ps: btw, I think your blog just got spammed.