Aug 31, 2005

Keranamu Malaysia

What is merdeka for me in Malaysia? This is the question I've been asking myself every year when the day comes. What have I learnt throughout this year and what's the difference between this year and the last?

Now the day has come, I guess I have to crack my brains to type it out haha... Well, during the two weeks in Seremban with my dad. He did talk one or two about the communist times in Seremban and what the goverment had been doing to avoid more chinese to join in this team with such ideology. Yes, at first i thought at first that the goverment was acting discriminately to the chinese but as my dad talked through, when communism had ended and the chinese didn't believe in them... something so unexpected that I never known of that the goverment would do.

To the chinese who had onced joined communism, were given training so that they can survive in the developing country like carpentry for instance. There were more but I kinda forgot the details. So as I heard, those were trained are now living are not in poverty but living in a very good life.

I'm sure there are more things that the goverment had done good for the country no matter what the race is. Yes, there are setbacks from what we malaysians have heard from the news and mouth. But to read and listen to our past history as well as seeing other countries around us... I think, Malaysia is a wonderful country and this is worth celebrating our Merdeka Day.

Terima kasih atas sumbanganmu kepada kami rakyat Malaysia!

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