Aug 31, 2005

My Last Day of Freedom

Haha.. I'm not saying about being entered to jail but to start a new life as an employee tomorrow. At the beginning of the orientation plus an orientation, I was really skeptical, disappointed and just plain sad. I didn't get the job that I expected in being an engineer or at least the same level I have studied.

Well, rather than staying at home sleeping in the afternoon and going back to Sabah next month... I've decided to jump out of the comfort zone to a new level of the unknown. I have always hated business and meeting strangers what more being involved in direct sales! Somehow, during the one hour trip to midvalley megamall to meet my friend changed my mind... a peaceful feeling came and an inner voice told me that i might be worth trying. Partly its because my dad gave me a bigger view of taking the job and it didn't harm me either taking it or not. Yes, after 1 1/2 of thinking, reflecting and praying. I gave a call and said yes to the job.

Call me crazy, I guess it's worth a try to study human behavior in every inch of KL and to find out how an organisation works especially in direct sales where most people say that it is a 'lucrative' job.

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