Aug 27, 2005

Second Interview!

(Pscho theme song) I got a call from the company that interviewed me a few days ago saying that I’ve successfully passed the first one and going on the second one this coming Monday. According to the person who called me it’ll be the whole day(something like orientation day) and then after that a second interview.
Well, I guess I just have to depend on Providence whether I’ll get the job or not. It is still a blessing if I get it since no other company called up yet. It really sucks when you don’t get the job in the company or in the field that you have studied. I know that I have to keep my optimistic up in such conditions but there always be a moment of frustration. Usually I would just sit down and wonder what had actually gone wrong. Most probably because of my grades during my university or because there’s not much demand in the job market. Sigh…
Whatever comes… its best just to take it and try out the best that I can. I had experienced hardship in my uni years and happily survived. In the working world, is just another phase. Definitely I will survive again.

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