Aug 29, 2005

Streets of Kuala Lumpur

A sunny day in streets of KL,
Seems like a day of suffering hell,
For an interview with high heels,
Directly to the streets to see some skills.

Up and down through the buildings,
No time for me for any sittings,
Promoting and selling cookies and cakes,
Don't really care who really bakes.

Following everywhere with my leader,
It's no wonder he was so eager,
As he sells his pokets got bigger,
Makes me wonder is life all about the figure?

I can see the workers are happy,
But I wonder why I don't feel it,
Only dread and ever so gloomy,
Probably the job is not right for me.

Should I take it should I not,
My mind moves back and forth,
Is possible to wait?
For a job like a star up north?

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