Aug 28, 2005

Tough decisions...

I've been thinking about the company that called me for the second interview and after asking my friends and cousin J, I think that it is not really worth it. To consider some desperate choices whether to take the job to gain experience and to earn a living or to wait for a better one in building good career.

For the past 8 months of being jobless, I definitely feel desperate to work and at least to feel myself useful. I guess this goes to all the jobless graduates around me who had a hard time to find a job. With all the desperate situations we've been facing, I noticed many companies really take the advantage to reduce the pay where the rate is almost the same as 30 years ago. They tried to squeeze everything out of the freshies and tried to be cost effective too by reducing the number of workers.

Even with increase of companies of trying to gain advantage from their workers, they even try to be cost effective on their products as well. By reducing the original ingredients in a certain product the cost of production will reduce. Of course it is really common to new companies where they encourage people to buy their new product. I predict in the long run, these sort of company will certainly collapse as when the consumers find out the quality was bad they will never never trust the company again. The building trust of the consumers and the loyalty of the workers in the company, I'm sure they will build a big 'empire' just like all the big companies that lasts a very long time.

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