Aug 22, 2005

Weekend with my cuzzies

It was a short wonderful weekend with my cousins in KL. Tine flew all the way from Penang to have her yearly shopping, Bea as the powerful navigator and Jamie as our entertaining driver.
We didn't shop much compare to what i heard on how they shopped last year. Anyway, I manage to buy a few in which I never really thought of buying hehe... I can feel all of us had cut off a few grams of walking and window shpping for the whole day and night.
The night at the club was also interesting. I can say the live jazz and blues were fantastic. Definitely, I really had an enjoyable time with my cousins. Hope we can do that again soon.

Being with you guys are the best!

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Anonymous said...

hi kim this is charles just came here to see your blogger its cool hmm now the whole world can know you sweet :).wow you can put all discoveries in life here hmm can't wait to read more in the future.

only slightly annoyed at one phrase
but its a long time ago during my worst of time. But then again i discovered that iam strong don't need no one. But its your say and i respect it fully. Please don't be offended because none is given.