Aug 26, 2005

What the H*ll?! blog got spammed on the comment section. I was wandering how can I delete the blardy spam. For now I just learnt a simple way to prevent spam by using word verification.
As for my yesterday's interview... it is kinda hard to describe whether i REALLY want the job. There will be 3 stages involved if I'm going to participate the company. So the first pay for the first stage would be RM1,200. As for the 3rd stage, it'll be about RM2,400.
Parking will definitely be hard as you know how KL is like. Not mentioning the fees(can juling mata la like that)
Working hours... my mind was screaming when the interviewer said the employee has to work 6 days a week. For weekdays would be 8.00am-6.30pm and saturdays would be 8.00am-3.00pm. Ok ok...probably I'm not used to the long hours working from my last job as a teacher where I can continue working from 7.00am to 4.30pm(of course it suppose to be until 2.00pm but i had a lot of work in marking papers and preparing my class and report for the next day). Then, I guess no wonder when I looked at the interviewer, he looked very very tired with his panda eyes. Putting his hands on his chin lazily as if he's trying to pass time by. Looking at him, he was not at all enthusiastic compare to most of the interviewers I met and I had a lot of things in my mind saying this company is trying to find people in a 'cincai' way. long as he got someone to choose among 18-20 people in the list.

It was a very very short interview. Most of the time, he only ask the simplest questions where i just couldn't find the right words to add my answer. For instance..."Do you have a car?""Yes, I do","Do you bring your resume?" "Yes, I have" Then, he'll be telling me all the stages for the job(which I have read it earlier already) and I would just answer more Yesss and Oks... was a terrible interview!

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