Sep 22, 2005

Another 'bogus' job

Today's interview was even more worse than the last time. I applied for Business Development Executive and suddenly this guy said "We train you to be a super sales person!" With full enthusiasm and confidence. Just like the rest of the people and me I can imagine that most of us would say, "WHAT!"

Let me tell you how the day was like.... I walked all the way to the place interview using public transportation and asked the person at the counter that I'm here for the interview. She told me that it's on the first floor. I went up and saw nobody around but an empty counter. I looked around and saw a few others were watching a video presentation. At first I thought they were the customers or students taking the course of the place. Apparently they were just like me. I didn't asked them but by looking how they dressed and with their files of their certificates on their hands.. I rest my case.

Only at about 10.15 (the interview was suppose to start at 10am) the vice president of that council came and gave a speech about his company. He asked everybody whether we were familiar with the council we're getting involved. And then he gave a presentation of the website that we were told to look at before the interview. Ironically, he talked about it from square one for more than an hour. But from the moment he told us that we're going to get a lot of money by being the distributor of their council... the first thing that rang into my head is another get rich fast scheme just like in direct selling I got involved earlier.

I felt like walloping that guy for wasting my time. We didn't have an interview eventually. He told us that if we have the drive to be a sales person, come for the interview tomorrow at Damansara Philleo. What the hell, that guy wasted my money to come all the way from Seremban just to listen his talks about getting rich and being a super sales person? The organisation should have just advertised on who are interested to be a professional sales person rather than business development executive. The organisation should feel ashamed to have a vice president like him.

I have lost respect to the smaller companies that tried to find workers by ommiting the truth and divert the jobless people on trying to find an honest living. I also have lost respect to the organisation that helps me to find oppportunities in finding a job...Jobstreet. They not only blurred out the facts of the company, they also tried to make more money out of it by asking us to pay them a certain amount of money to get some kind of priority for the employers to notice us. Now, I realise these sort of organisation might gain money for now but surely they will topple down for not being honest and had no sense of integrity.

On the way back, I just hop into the Sime Darby Building and went to the Human Resource center. It was just out of the daring mood of giving my spare resume and in hope that the manager would notice me :P
But from all these experience, I realise that in finding a career, I do have my own self worth. It is not for being choosy but to work in a company which has the integrity, honesty and take care the welfare of the employees is something to fight for. Life is not all about mercedes and big houses... it doesn't give you a quality of life! What gives you the quality of life is that the company takes care of you like a part of a family. When you believe in the company and the product, there's no need to worry about money.

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