Sep 17, 2005

A bad day for the taxi driver

Today, me and my dad just fetched my other half of the family plus my two aunts who have just traveled all the way from Sabah. My mum and bro followed my dad on the Kancil while I guide my two aunts to Metro Inn, Kajang.

What is irritating today is that the taxi driver kept on interrupting our conversation during the while journey with his complaints to the goverment on adding up the tol and price of oil. He even complained about the hot weather here in KL. Please lah.... my aunts and I are here to enjoy ourselves not even noticing the terrible weather. The worst part was when the driver cursed the government on not knowing how to use the money properly and so on. I could feel the tension in the car lah throughout the journey so all of us just have to agree with the driver whatever he said. It was hell of a journey.

Personally speaking, I think the driver didn't know what he was talking about. I realised he was an ex-policeman and participated in a lot of 'adventerous' stuff like shooting and Red Cross Society(by looking through his car sticker and asking him a bit of his background). He only works out of the thrill and the name of it. Without expecting to do much hardwork. Come on lah... All of us are in the same boat. Both of my aunts are government servants who serve the country and state full heartedly. Yes, there are politicians who did dirty stuff for their own good but people too have the right to voice out. If the driver dare enough to speak out, why not complain through the newspaper or write to the minister himself. I'm sure he didn't do any of that and all he did was to lament his personal problems as a taxi driver.

Oil price is going up yes... but compare to other countries Malaysia is not as bad lah...(i think) Do we have the highest tax rate in the world? I don't know. Have to check it up much further I guess...In other words, if the taxi driver is dissatisfied with his life and job. Quit lah! There are better jobs to save your money man! If you complain about the tol and oil price, stop using your car to drive and work something else that doesn't use any transport. This guy should have just stayed as a policeman since he complained so much about his job right now. What an a$$...

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