Sep 13, 2005

I quit!

12 days after working I quit the job as a direct sales person. As I give the resignation letter to my boss, the whole office went havoc. Frankly I was shocked the way they handle things when someone wants to resign. The worst part is that the vice president fo south east asia apparently came for a visit was there as well helping my boss to persuade me to stay.

Aaargh, honestly speaking I went teary eyed as they were counseling and playing psychology on me. Then they also said about leadership and the potential I had in the company..Well, at that moment I had second thoughts about quitting the job but then I asked one last question to the vice president. What I know about this company is all about being a manager and getting lots of money, what is life all about? He answered, "It's using to your fullest potential".

What I learned is building your potential to persuade and demonstrate the merchandise as well as creating the leadership to make more workers in the field whom can become the future managers of direct sales. I think it was really an amazing job but I expected more in life rather than this. 6 days a week of going out in the field for about a year before you become a manager. Of course you'll be exposed to other stuff bit by bit but I don't think money and position only can really make one's life so happy.

Anyway, what i missed most was not the job but the people in the organization. It was really interesting to have an everyday meetings of building up your self confidence and praising each other. What I would think is that a person who have great potentials but low self-esteem, may be the best person to take the job.

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