Sep 27, 2005

Interview This Thursday

A much faster response yesterday where I just applied and got the job interview on the same day. Apparently their dateline was the same day I applied. I don't know whether its jobstreet, or was it because I mailed directly to the company. One thing I followed my cousin's advice of being 'extra' aggressive in applying the job. Haha...
Well, I should thank cuzzy B for the advice. Now, I just have to pray and review for this coming interview. Scared the ass out of me especially for paper exams. It's been about 9 months I haven't touched my books on electronics. I just hope for the best on that day.*Fingers crossed*

1 comment:

beetrice said...

teeheehee...i feel so honoured.. ;) all the best for the interview girl..let us know how it turned out!! *fingers crossed*