Sep 4, 2005

It's Sunday!

Pathetic as it seems, I'm so glad its SUNDAY! One thing for sure its the only day I can have a good rest after a week of walking and running to work. Meeting from shop to shop and waste your saliva really tire you down.

Yesterday, I achieved my goal in selling 12 items in mobile(selling cookies at the streets and restaurants) for 5 hours. I was only able to sit 1-2 times a day to have a rest or when I just felt something wrong with my sales. It was just plain tiring! Never in my life I tried to 'lie' to people that the biscuit is great and it is really hard to get. I myself never tasted the product i've been selling for the past 3 days. Well, according to the company, the more i try at least the more the chances would be to sell the cookie off.

When the day ends, me and the newcomers had to be 'brainwashed' in the class saying we can get rich and becoming a manager in 1 year...depending on your performance of course. Honestly speaking, I was not excited about getting rich even when the manager showed me Rm2000 and said he can get the money every week. Haha.. by using our manpower lah that he can get rm2000 every week sitting down in the office. The only time he'll get panicked if everyone of us cannot sell at least 15 perday.

Therefore how can we catch it up? Every morning and evening.... we would have some kind of meeting. It was no ordinary meeting. It was loud and surprisingly sugar high. Everyone clap their hands screaming for their teams and a short session about Law of Average. Keep on saying meet more people! Don't care about you sell or not! The more you pitch, the more chances you sell. From there, the boss just have to motivate and keep the team into their upmost optimist.

Well, i'm the only one left in the office who still skeptical and need to switch on my 'acting' on being enthusiastic and enjoyed the job so much. Well, there is some benefit behind this job. It was really an adventure to go down the street meeting so many people which so far the majority are chinese just like Pudu road and Jalan Bukit Bintang. I just can't sell to chinese because my language just suck! To learn to be more confident, this is the job you might consider. It'll enhance your language as well as your personality.

Eventhough i've been lying about the biscuits, i paid my 'penance' on my way home to be friendlier to the guard and workers. If i see someone in need, i don't have to think twice to help him/her out. In that way, i don't at least have so much guilt coming home.

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