Sep 18, 2005

My convocation!

Four blardy years studying in UKM and finally get the to have my graduation on the same day as the mooncake festival. Did a few funny things in the hall when I took my scroll hehe eventhough we were warned not to do anything 'outstanding'. Almost drop my hat when I bowed down(much to my regret I didn't clip it up with my hair). Force the pro chancellor to shake my hand(as you know girls not encouraged to shake men's hands especially muslims). Lastly try to make the 'pose' on stage in front of the camera(which I chicken out right before the cameramen clicked). Really must do something lah on stage since I've been waiting for that moment for 4 years. I don't want to end up regretting for not being daring to do so.

Going out of the hall, the weather was just as good. I was able to soak myself with sweat and good thing that my makeup didn't melt all over my face. Haha... I was touched by my old friends and juniors who made so much effort to come for my convocation. The first picture was my old friends who were coursemates in my first 2 years with them. Secondly, my family with my two aunts came all the way from KK to see me(and shopping in Kajang). Then one was the choir group of UKM sang the song Music and our Uni's anthem. It really attracted a lot of people around us. Ad lastly my friends from CSS(Catholic Students' Society) and KLCC(Kuala Lumpur Coordinating Council) not forgetting from Campus Ministry too. Hehe...

It was really the BEST day of my life seeing so many friends and families. It really takes out the blues for the moment of being jobless for a while hahah...

I remembered back when someone told me that getting a piece of paper during the convocation didn't mean a lot to him. It seems like all the 3-4 years of studies kinda waste a person's life and usually ends the person up being useless for the society. I don't know for sure if it was that what he meant. Well, reflecting back when i was lining up for the blue board(where you put your scroll) I had flashbacks of all the sweet and sour memories I had. I was not really the Old Kim before I entered UKM. I am proud to say I learnt a lot from this local university of Malaysia not only in terms of knowledge alone but also the life I had with the people around me. It did change me a lot and thank goodness for the better(hehe).

Getting the scroll is not just a piece of paper to me but also to show that I have successfully endured the harship life of being a student in UKM. It was not easy for me during the 4 years of study but I no regrets in every single moment in campus. How you view your scroll does not depend what you have studied alone but how much quality time to learn about yourself is what really counts as well. I am satisfied with it and the hardship of finding a job is just as challenging as in uni.

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