Sep 29, 2005

Slim Possibility

Its been a tiring day. 11 people were shorlisted and only 8 came for the interview. There was one person who came about 10 minutes late and she got rejected. Well, it's typical when it comes to business or in Japanese companies.

The tests were not as I expected. I expected something technical but apparently we got a lot of IQ tests and so on. I don't know what that tests were but it really determines your understanding in those articles, graphics and so on. In short, they wanted to know how smart you are. Damn, they were really tough. The more you answer, the blurer you get. I didn't even manage to finish all on time.

As for the interview, it was quite relaxing. Though I doubt that I'll get the interviewer's preference on me since he's a malay. Trust me, malays, chinese and indians... they'll most probably choose their own kind. Sigh! Since my possibility of not getting the job is high... well, have to do things extra hard. As well as being extra funny. Of course just to amuse him and make the environmet somewhat casual. Hehe.

It takes a miracle to get the job from my own perception. Still, until 2 weeks... then I'll know. For now, I guess I have to keep on searching and trying.

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