Sep 21, 2005

There's something fishy

This is a 'cincai-cincai' picture of the KLCC logo when I was bored. I was thinking I should doodle stuff more often to keep my mind going.

Tomorrow I'll be having another job interview for the post of Business Development Executive. To me, it sounds like donkey language(hehe). Fortunately there's a website concerning the organisation but what makes me think even further was the way they responded on finding the right person and the pay was a little too good to be true(almost the same way where I ended up in direct sales).

My last mistake was that I didn't know the background of the company at all. So I ended up selling cakes and biscuits. Therefore, before applying to any job, make sure you know what they are actually doing. What pissed me at that time, they didn't explain much to me through the phone so I had to travel up to KL for the interview to find out.

This one somehow is a little better only what makes me think that it is fishy because they said I'll be getting a 4 digit pay in the first four months(RM1000 is still 4 figure anyway :-s) but after the 6th month i'll be getting a 5 figure pay(not knowing whether my performance is good or not). Sigh! Life is filled with such ambiguity!
Oh well, like I always said to my friends... take life as a drama. You decide the film on what it would be.

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