Sep 15, 2005

This is a strange feeling

It's been a few days after my resignment and I coudn't get the hang of not being 'hyperactive' in the house. Honestly, I kinda miss my job... more on missing my boss hahaha...well I never expect to meet such a good looking and kind boss in my life :-P

Today, I just got my robe for my convocation this Sunday. I met one girl who had just graduated and also unemployed(just like me). I find it surprising that she speaks really softly and really in a low self esteem state. Of course she admit her results were not good, but I said to her it was not because of result that some people do not want to hire you. My result is just as bad lah come on! But it didn't mean I have to be miserable all the time because of that little scar in my transcript.

I'm not so proud of it but, I'm sure there are 101 ways to prove yourself that you're just as eligible as any graduates around Malaysia. Yes, I'm pissed for not getting a job once in a while but it is not an excuse to pull yourself down. Crying and blaming yourself is not exactly the way out to get your dream job that's for sure.

Oh well, I'm still applying a few more companies and still there's no response. As always, I keep my fingers crossed to work somewhere my parents would give a thumbs up and no screaming on the phone like my last job. This is one reason I quit my last job lah...

My dad screamed at me on the phone to go home on time. My pathetic face showed in front of the boss that he took pity on me to go home most of the time. There's more but I rest my case from here. I'm planning to list down on all my embarrasing moments in the working field thanks to my dad.

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