Oct 17, 2005

I'm hired!

I received the phone call around the evening and the guy asked when I can start working. I was too happy to say out immediately. I guess I was too shocked as well as too happy to get the job after a few weeks of boredom in the house applying and building up the website to keep my sanity.

Tomorrow I'll be traveling through to find a place to stay around Puchong. I can't believe I finally going to earn my own money and my own place to stay. Heheh... I can't help being so happy.

Hopefully, I can be an asset to the company I'm working with and kick other company's a$$ for dissing me out or wasted my time waiting(There's one company that I called asked me to wait for another 2 weeks after 2 weeks of waiting). It's time to take revenge on the time I wasted for being jobless...hehe...


Tine said...

Congratulations, girl!
Now you can belanja all of us when we get together again ... tee hee hee!

beetrice said...

hehe...ditto christine's comment - so which company was this??