Oct 14, 2005

A picture worth more than a thousand words

Ever experience something that after you're in a place for quite some time and smell something foul or something nice most of the time you tend to remember it after being out of it? This picture above reminded me of the smelly dog from Petaling Jaya(I couldn't remember the place I stayed :-P). when i joined campus ministry's exposure programme in doing charitable work.
Every evening when the day ends, everybody had done our work in feeding the homeless, teaching the unfortunate children and getting information for AWAM(an NGO group) from the public. We would sit at the living room and rest. Sometimes we would chat with two nice old ladies(who were the caretakers of the hostel) just to get comfortable with each other.
The only spoiler when we lived there was the dog because it really stinked up the whole place. Thank goodness the smell didn't go upstairs where we slept. Heh... Yes, it was cute and fluffy...didn't look that dirty but I just didn't know why the smell was so excrutiatingly smelly. I had to hold my breath whenever the dog passed by and most of the time i would run off somewhere else if it rested to its favourite place which was under the sofa in the living room. I just wanted to kick the dog off the room or at least give it a good bath. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs...only that I cannot stand the stench. :P
I got this picture from a friend's blog leo and suddenly the memory of the smell just shot up into my head. I never thought that the picture itself could give such an effect. Truly, a picture worth more than a thousand words.

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