Oct 15, 2005

A shock of my life

This morning i woke up really late and the only alarm was my friend, Carol calling me on my handphone saying she and Fr. Chris are in Seremban already. "Oh my GOSH!" I was so blur at that moment I couldn't even remember much what I was saying to her on the phone. It also took my some time to think where we could meet up.

For the past 2 months in Seremban, this was second happiest thing that happened to me. Truly a surprise. I just couldn't make up my mind whether i should shoot at them for coming without telling me earlier or to hug them for being so sweet. Well, at that moment when i met them... I just remain neutral haha.

Thanks ... you guys really made my day. :-D I also try not to wake up so late again. It was so embarrasing to meet someone with reddish eyes and pillow lines on your face.

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