Oct 3, 2005

Terror In Bali

This pic is taken from www.cnn.com

A picture tells a thousand words. As I was looking through the cnn website, I felt so revolted with what is happening in my neighbouring country. I can't imagine how cruel the bombers can be towards the innocent people. Yes, just like they said that in the past the westerners or other people had done so much sins to the Muslim people and probably even now. Fighting through generations won't bring us anywhere. I hope he'll take one good look at the innocent person's eye before he kill him/her. I just cannot comprehend that we're not in Zaman Jahiliah especially the victims in Bali have to suffer by those 'heroes' of Islam. Islam suppose to be a religion of love. I have my deep respect to the religion but to the people who take advantage in diverting it, may God have mercy on you. This picture is a nine year old girl who had just lost her mother. She didn't deserve it. I read the papers about the UTM lecturers who were involved in the bombings 3 years ago had children too. I don't think he would want to put them out of Malaysia to experience terror as well? It's plain selfish don't you think? Of course I won't pray for the family to be there. If not, I'll be just the same as those monsters. I hope and pray that all of us could do the best for peace. Through prayer and whatever power we have in our hands.

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