Nov 13, 2005

Busy busy busy

My head crammed up on researching brochures, catalogues and company profiles just to make a new one for my company. Thank goodness the boss assigned one of my colleague to do the searching but when the building part...I would just cringed thinking of it. Yes, it's a part of a hobby improving the graphics and arty farty stuff. But to make things up to their expectations scares the hell out of me.

Next week will be the DAY on the first line of battle. Still experimental and not much details to bring out for the 'future' customers. Honestly I'm still blur and scared. Direct sales is quite different because I don't have to think and just jump in front of the customers to give the pitch. They even provide me a format on how to deal with customers. Once you're used to it, you'll have your own style. Now, no format no examples no clue. Gosh, I dunno what to do. My other colleague seems so confident and in cool. Yet, she asked me whether I'm scared. I'm terrified, petrified can't even think straitght to the extent. I figured both of us felt the same way anyway...

My laptop is almost full. Keeps on giving out the warning of low memory. Adui.. i'm planning to shift all the switchboard files into the network very soon. Just taking photos of the switchboards cost me more than 1 Gig. I wish i can have bigger storage for my laptop and a new memory card(1 Gig) for the digi camera.

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