Nov 5, 2005

My first week

Wires next to my table

The first week of working was quite tough. Upon stepping on the office I was already told what to do and there was so much work, I didn't have much time to have enough sleep. Everything was almost redundant but of course it is something to be expected in the working world. Once everything is settled especially in taking photographs for the brochure, making a new logo for the company, letters of introduction and so on... at least i can have some consistent sleep.

Yes, sleep is one of the most luxurious thing that a person can have. So, I wasted my 1 week of my deeparaya holidays on sleeping and worrying on my job for the coming week.

The big boss gave me another 2 days to finish the photos of the product. In reality, it may take me about 3 days or more since the lighting was bad and I didn't really like to ask the workers to do additional job of telling them to screw and unscrew the product. I even had to gather up my courage to climb up the ladder to take photos(I hate to admit but I'm a afraid of heights)... It's not really my job scope but what to least photography is something you can say quite interesting to learn and practise.

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