Nov 18, 2005

Stupidities after stupidities

Yeah! The week of working is finally over haha! I made a lot of stupid things especially in sales for services. Honestly I didn't plan to do it but I mistakenly did the 'on-call' method to get to the customers. Actually I didn't mean to meet them at all. Just want to know the area of Shah Alam and see what factories which is around to each other.

Well, I followed my colleague Nicole to look around and wasted my time to ask for the person in charge and their address. Only the day after, I finally figure out to get through which was by calling them out first. It didn't really work through the phone though because there's sound of being threaten as they asked me "Where did you get our number" my mind "Oh-uh" Not really a good impression. I didn't want to think about it but of course I'm going to encounter that again once I start calling for the name of the person in charge for facilities and their address. The big companies are more friendlier. The smaller ones are just plain rude.

Anyway, I've come up with another new strategy for sales and marketing. Felt a little useless actually for not being able to do things 'professionally' in what sales and marketing people would do. Making appointments, quotations and so on. Even making my first quotation and trying to call the client recently seems to be ....well I felt just plain pathetic. Why? I overjoyed in making my first quotation and giving my first calling card. For most people, it's very common because you'll be dealing with it for the rest of your life if you continue doing sales.

Few days ago, got locked up between the grill and the door with my dad. All the neighbours and security guards came out to help. Got quite a scolding from my dad for making him forget to bring along the house keys. For me, there's no way out of escaping his killer stare and silent treatment. Fortunately enough, the problem lasted about 1 hour and we had enough time to have dinner after that.

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