Dec 27, 2005

Half Glass Full or Half Glass Empty?

It's difficult to force your mind to think things into a more positive way when misfortune falls not only you but also on the person you really care about. Recently, I had joined a recollection held by cmo as a way of 'escape' from loneliness and the working world. It was a whole day with old friends, prayer and God.

At first, it was really difficult for me to concentrate as well as to pray since I was surrounded by funny smells of plants and animals, attacks mosquitoes and the fear of being chased by a chihuahua running around the house. Anyway, I finally get some peace and quiet to put myself into meditation and prayer. Nothing much to discuss since it was a personal conversation between me and God.

After the recollection, almost as much as I expected, I had to face more tribulations with friends at work and families. It was a difficult decision where I don't dare to express it in this blog. I planned to shut out my frustrations to my good friend for I had realised that it didn't really help me to keep on complaining of my life. Most of the time, I thought I have been too selfish because of complaining too much. At first, I tried to force my mind into work to avoid depression of being lonely and my worries of my family. For a while it helped but most of the time I ended up throwing my frustations to friends in which I know they would like to hear of it.

Now, after some consideration of how I have to deal with my life, I've decided to force my mind to make everything at least half glass full. Avoid complaining, avoid crying on my friend's shoulders and try to deal my popping negativity in mind alone.

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