Dec 28, 2005

A new beginning...

I was observing this picture after christmas time at my aunt's house. It is really interesting to realise how much nature can teach a person(if one is obeservant enough with things around him/her).

For the past week, the whole family had suffered a lot of shock and some depression when my younger brother diagnosed with diabetes. I remembered clearly when my mum got a shock when my brother's blood got tested on one night as me and my mum had our daily conversation on the phone. Everything went into a halt when the detector(dunno what you called it) said his sugar level was HIGH(above 30).

On the next day, he was rushed to the general hospital by an ambulance when the doctors found out my brother was dehydrating. But then, when they reached at the general hospital, the doctors didn't attend my brother for quite a long time(no wonder many people die like flies in that hospital). Even my parents felt sick waiting so long at the hospital. My mum had to hold the water bag for my brother because there were not enough nurses in the hospital and some immigrants asked my parents if their service were needed(RM35 per day of service to the patient).

Immediately, they decided to bring my brother to a private hospital with a needle sticking in his arm(for drip) which I really feel sorry for my brother's excrutiating experience. From there, things were quite well where the nurse and doctors gave him with utmost care. It was a tough time for the whole family where we have to find a way to reduce my brother's stress level(he has high blood pressure), give him moral support and drastic change in diet.

Things happened really fast. Just like this photo... soon it'll disappear and another new kind of life pops up. I was glad that my dad went back and check out my brother's blood sugar level before it's too late. Many more things had happened from that moment and I really count it as a blessing that everything is ok. It only takes time, prayer and family support that things will get better. At least for now, we take our health in a more serious manner, take family as one of our priority and count every blessing with have in our living years.

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