Feb 18, 2006


I love her. I hate her. She made my life a living misery. ~ Vicomte de Valmont, Dangerous Liaisons

Ok, not really my thing but I guess tv and people has somewhat influenced me to deprive the feeling of love *yuck*. I hate to admit it but I do miss the feeling of being loved and comforted. Funny how things play in your mind when you realise you've missed something what people had.

Fortunately, there's some entertainment along the way this month. Most of it because of work. Perhaps, I'm smothered with 'love' by my boss and colleagues. It's quite a different feeling working in this sort of environment compare to the places I worked before. There are times as well that I just want to do some 'kung fu' my boss and colleagues due to some situation but I know it just cannot be avoided or just for everybody's own good.

Love, hate and misery.... Yes, that's how i experienced a true relationship around me. Thanks for the asam garam lah. I look forward for more spices in life(if I can manage to have one).

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