Feb 25, 2006

Getting online for 'free' :-D

Nicole and I at Midvalley Megamall(during CNY season)

Woo hoo.... I noticed that there's a wireless connection popped out of the laptop screen. So, I just give it a try whether I can get connected. And waddaya know, goodbye dial-up for now hehe... As long as the owner didn't find out that I've been 'parasiting' his connection next door.

I haven't been taken much photos lately since I've been stuck in the office for a week. I've been trying to figure out how to design out the brochure for the company for the past few weeks and only recently my quality control engineer and boss kinda agreed with the look of it. Some of the delay is partly my own fault because I tend to help out to others without being focused on my duty to finish it on time. Sigh... Let's say, I'm not exactly an expert in arts and designs but at least it is an opportunity as well to learn and to improve.

I noticed, I'm running out of good photos ever since I started working. The last one was only the hornet's nest haha... The week ends really fast. Sigh... have to pace up to get my job done by this weekend before another pile of paperwork lands on my table.

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