Feb 12, 2006

Mere cartoons can create violence II...

Okay, I'm getting a little out of hand about this issue. Heck, on the last blog I think I'm a little too once sided and apparently today I had a thought to give out upon this matter.

This afternoon, I had a talk with my dad in the car about the issue about the cartoon thingy and he was partly right that the government can also be the culprit to instigate the people in promoting violence and demonstration. If the issue is not 'promoted' in the media so often, there might be a chance that people won't even bother to demonstrate. Media sometimes can be a key to 'persuading' people to create chaos or change the way you think.

Honestly, people who first make such demonstration have nothing to do therefore they'll do 'something' heroic in every little 'sensitive' detail that comes out. Then, the media show it to the world. Once is okay but it's shown almost every day since its started. I know, western media are popular in making little issues into big ones. The goverment (especially Malaysia) should stop showing it for goodness sake and if not, at least show on both sides that there are countries don't bother to demonstrate. I'm sure there's a conspiracy behind it. I began to remember in my islamic studies that we must have pure(good) things in everything especially in art. Which means perhaps, the goverment are promoting as well that we must not have the freedom to comment about religion and so on in public. That's why we see this issue so often.

For all you know in the other side of the world, people are living their lives peacefully not knowing what is happening and for them... it could be a very small issue. Religion has always become the scapegoat and excuse for man to gain for their own selfish reasons.

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