Feb 11, 2006

Mere cartoons can create violence...

Fr Andrea Santoro, a catholic priest was murdered in Turkey as violence spread across the Muslim world last week in reaction to the publishing of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a suicide bomber.

Many Christians somewhere in other parts of the world are suffering as well as death and some may also try to flee from their homelands. To some people, it would be a surprise to know why the Muslim extremist aim the Christians after the publication of the cartoon.

One reason that I know of from where I studied Islamic Civilization in my uni (compulsory subject) is that we were thought that Christianity was influenced by the Westerners. The Muslim community till now as far as I see from the lecturer's point of view, still have a grudge against the westerners because of the Holy War. Besides the Holy War, we were thought that the Westerners stole/copy a lot of knowledge especially in terms of medicine, mathematics and so on as their own findings. Personally, it made me feel guilty in being a Christian because of the past history that the lecturer had been pumping into the student's head. He inserted with newspaper clippings of how Muslims suffered by the Western people(who were Christians during the Constantinapole, i think), the greatnest of the Muslim Civilization, the goodness of their religion. Honestly, I was impressed with the Islamic religion and began to despise of my own.

After a while, thanks to some friends and families, I manage to learn more about Christianity. Apparently, I realised i really had no knowledge of my own religion even if I went to sunday schools(which I was only thought on how to play and sing only). Because of the Islamic studies, it did make me ponder to know more about my own religion because it would be unfair to listen one side of the story only. That's how I learnt the term "ommiting the truth"...heh...

Still I don't despise on the the studies of Islamic Civilization since they are the one made me understand more of my own religion. But then, I do feel sorry to see that most Muslims had misunderstood that Christianity to the extent what most people are suffering now.

We ourselves have so much misunderstandings of most religions and want to fight/boast that our God, our teachings, our truths are better than yours. The people who made those cartoons, I can personally said are insensitive with the issue in this globalize world. They should know the mentality of the people especially in the Middle East and Africa if their cartoons are out. To countries that has a civilized mentality is okay but in other areas... it'll be the suffering of others. Freedom, yes it is a gift but must be used with responsibility.

I just hope after all these...we can learn a lesson from it. If the other party just cannot take it or understand it, the other party should learn from it and make an example for others to follow. I know they may not give a shit but in time they will. I believe they will.

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