Feb 23, 2006

Site Survey Marathon

It's not exactly a marathon but today really took the toll out of me. This morning, thanks to my colleague, I was able to fax out some documents for tendering. Then at noon, my sales and marketing colleague, my boss and I did some site survey. Along the way, boss thought me how to do it properly since it was actually my first time doing site survey for service and maintenance of LV Switchboard. It was rather interesting to see old boards which were quite well maintained even after 20 years or so.
Seeing the old boards and comparing to the company I worked with had so much difference. Obviously because of the panels that were covered in a single door while ours is double door. One thing that I noticed the measuring tape actually sticks on the board. I was wandering if it sticks on our product. Hmm... Should try that one day when I get to see our product to be serviced.
An interesting marathon. There'll be more soon next month and it was quite a big one. Only much different where I will start doing the thermographic review at the site for the first time after getting my license as a thermographer early next month. Hopefully can pass the exam after the 5 day course.
I hope I can finish more work tomorrow since more and more are pilling up quite fast. I guess, sales this year is going to be good since more work is coming in.

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