Feb 4, 2006

The Toothless Tigers

Free Hair Cut

Silly but true, a group of old men play and gamble a game of mahjong got arrested by 'The Law'... Guess what...the next trial is on the end of this year(December) I guess, perhaps they want the public to forget about the issue since we Malaysians are popular being the "hot-hot chicken shit" community ( A Malay proverb which means something that cannot last very long) and perhaps someone would drop the case sooner or later.

Honestly, I don't know where the priorities of these policemen on the second day of Chinese New Year. Kajang as far as I understand is quite notorious place because when I was studying in UKM, I always heard of rape, people being robbed etc etc... There was a time where 2 high school students got raped almost at the same area in Kajang on the same week. Most cases of people got robbed were left unsolved and trust me... the only response you'll get from them, "You'll never see back your stolen goods because we cannot help you much." Worst, the police themselves would scold back at you for being careless or being 'ignorant' if you get molested in public or robbed.

After having dinner with my immediate family, we discussed about the police issue and our loss of RM30 fine(haven't paid the fine yet) yesterday because of an illegal parking near the Terminal. Well, that's not the real issue that the family enjoyed talking about after our feast in Puchong. Apparently, dad told us one situation where granpa got away from being fined and 'kick' back towards the police hehe...

Somewhere back hometown, when granpa was younger, he got fined for making an illegal U-turn in which most people have been doing as well. One will question "why me?!" There were so many people and yet the police chose and old man to 'bully'. Not satisfied, granpa waited around that same spot and took photos of a few people who used that road. And guess what.... the police themselves used the U-turn as well! He took the photos, brought it down the police station and scolded the police. Police dropped the case and granpa didn't have to pay the fine. Way to go granpa!

If the majority of Malaysians can make a stand and at least being consistent... The country would have been a better place to live in.

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